Node Network

One of the important components of BREMIT is the node network. Node network is peer to peer network which ensure freedom and protection of money transfer :

Nodes can be individual or company.
Node holds crypto and transact with currency in the local area.
Nodes are always connected with the request of end users.

Job of Node

Collect the money from user and send to blockchain

Accept the money from the blockchain and give it to the user.

How does it work?

Benefits for nodes

Transaction Bonus:

Earn commission on each user serving (After Launching in August)

Staking Bonus:

Earn interest from the staking

Referral Bonus:

Node can refer to subnodes and earn bonuses. (20% on referral amount)

How to join Node Network?

You should be the bremit user

(Register here :

Apply Below (You have to fill the form)
You will receive the program details in your email within a week.
Company has full rights to select the node for your area.