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BREMIT (BRMT) IEO is live on LATOKEN Exchange.

Bremit, with its new token in the cryptocurrency, launches a centralized cryptocurrency exchange through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) method with its own token.

Bremit Announces IEO Collaboration and Listing with LATOKEN

Bremit announced today an agreement with LATOKEN Exchange for a public sale and the subsequent listing of the Bremit Token (BRMT) on LATOKEN Exchange.

How to withdraw tokens from ?

If you have participated in a pre-launch campaign for the presale and airdrop program of Bremit, then this article can be helpful to understand the way to withdraw your earned token.

2nd Phase of Bremit Presale has kickoff

The second phase of program has kickoff today with consideration of the feedback from the community to make it affordable for many people. The duration of second phase presale will be 10 days.

Bremit Presale tokens unlock the Bremit Airdrop tokens.

Bremti Pre-sale has already been running from 25th of July 2021. We’ve excited to see the early response we received from the community for the first phase of pre-sale.

BRMT Presale offers passive income with staking benefits.

Bremti has already started the presale campaign before going public with exchange. The presale campaign is a good opportunity for early users to reserve the seat to take the flight.

Refer BRMT Presale Tokens, Earn upto 2500 USDT and Withdraw

Do you like the idea behind the Bremit? Do you believe the hybrid model of blockchain technology and uberization can disrupt the traditional money transfer industry?

Press Release : BRMT Token public Presale begins on 25 July 2021

Bremit has announced today that the BRMT Token will begin its public presale at 11 pm (GMT) on 25 July 2021, hosted at .

Press Release : Bremit launches nodes for different countries.

Bremit unveils a enrollment plan for Nodes preparing to launch a new system dedicated to cross border money transfer service

Report : Bremit Prelaunch Airdrop

BREMIT planned to create a strong community before launching our product.

Information about the upcoming Bremit Presale Campaign.

A presale is a term that refers to the process that takes place before the public sale begins in exchange.

Everything you should know about Bremit Roadmap.

We had officially kicked off the BREMIT Prelaunch Airdrop campaign to mark our presence in the crypto community on the last 21 of june. This airdrop campaign is going to end in the next 3 days.

Everything you need to know about BRMT token.

BRMT is a utility token used to pay nodes for the Payment Transfer Facilitation Service provided to BREMIT’s Money Transfer Ecosystem.

What is bremit node? How does it work to transfer money?

BREMIT is blockchain based decentralized remittance platform promote fast, transparent and secure money transfer without border through peer to peer network.

Half Million Thank You!

Today we say “thank you” half a million times. We did it: we surpassed half million signups. Thank you for your continuous support.

Celebrating 300,000 Signups, 42% tokens claimed.

Today, We at BREMIT are ecstatic and beyond excited to announce that we have reached new height of users signup and yes it’s 300,000.

BREMIT choose to deploy smart contract on Binance Smart Chain.

The reason why we choose Binance Smart Chain in the first place, It is already secure and well established.

Why BREMIT is giving 500 BRMT to every users, Is BREMIT ligit?

We have received tremendous support and acceptance by cyrpto communities to our BREMIT prelaunch campaign.

Big news! 100000 Members & 22% token claimed.

We have finally crossed first 100000 user signup in BREMIT Airdrop Program. And interestingly around 22% of token that was allocated for this campaign is already claimed.

Problem in Registration/Signup to

If you have done this successfully, this article is not for you. If you faced problem with email activation, this article will help you.

Yes, We made 50000 signups!

We made more than 50,000 user signups. This is 100% growth in less than 24 hrs. In 9 days, More than 71 million tokens are claimed till now.

Huge today, 25000 Members!

We don’t have any words to explain how does it feels to be the platform of new 25000 members. Our journey from 5000 members to 25000 just took in less than 24 hours. It’s completely miracle

Most common questions about BREMIT Airdrop

Due to the growing network of bremit in short span of time, We received tons of queries about BREMIT and it’s airdrop.

Congratulations! Double the record in less than 24 hours

Yesterday, We were celebrating about our 2000 members signup in 6 days. But It’s miracle happened today, We are now 5000 members signup, growing another 3000 members in 24 hours.

First 2000 Signup in 6 days.

More than being glad, We are gratify to share about our tremendous achievement regarding our first week performance of BREMIT Prelaunch Campaign.

Sending Money Internationally? Compare Bremit VS Bank Transfer.

When you need to send money internationally, or need to make payment for something outside your country, there are already a number of solutions available to you.

Step to Step guide to complete task and claim extra tokens

You have interesting task to do and claim free BRMT token. Here you can learn step to step process for it.

Step to Step guide to Earn from Bremit Referral Program

Now you are ready for Bremit Referral Program, follow these steps to earn from referral.

BREMIT Refer and Earn campaign

Do you have a family member living abroad that sends money back home every month? Do you have friends who work overseas and send money back home regularly?

Step to Step guide to earn first token in BREMIT

Here is the detail tutorial to help you register on and claim your first token.

BREMIT to Give Away Over $25,000,000 USD in BRMT Tokens

Over 500 million BRMT tokens will be airdropped to participants for community engagement and BREMIT usage.

What is BREMIT, What BREMIT can do?

People in many developing countries see money transfer with different eyes than most of the people from developed country.

How does BREMIT Work?

As we claim our self truly decentralized and peer to peer network, we have designed the system in such a way to preserves it’s core value.

Why We Choose Remittance Industry?

Remittance refers to the transfer of money from foreign migrants to their families cross-border to their home country.