Our airdrop program is over. Thanks for participating. We will bring exciting events in coming days.
To appretiate your efforts we are providing 50 BRMT for signup and 10 BRMT for referral.

Join our Airdrop Program

To get early access to the BREMIT platform and start earning a token and other benefits for free.

You have to sign up at https://bremit.io

When you sign up on our platform, you will earn your first 500 BRMT token for free, but this is not going to end here, you will have more options to earn more.

Learn Step to step tutorials how to claim your first 500 BRMT token. Click here

Airdrop Program Fundamentals

Total Allocations500,000,000 BRMT
(equal to 25,000,000 USD)
Date StartJune 21
Duration1 months

Token Remaining will be used for next phase of airdrop but will have lower rate than pre-launch campaign

What activities are performed to collect airdrop tokens?

Refer and Earn

Share BRMT to your friends and family and start earning token.

Earn 200 BRMT

Facebook Page Like

Like the official page and earn token.

Earn 100 BRMT

Twitter Page Follow

Follow our official twitter page and earn token.

Earn 100 BRMT

Telegram Channel join

Join our telegram channel and earn token.

Earn 100 BRMT


Join our reddit channel and earn token.

Earn 100 BRMT

And many other interesting program

Airdrop Roadmap


June 21, 2021

Airdrop Prelaunch Start

July 20, 2021

- Airdrop Prelaunch End
- Airdrop Second Phase Starts

July 21, 2021

Node Network Launch

September 1, 2021

Airdrop Second Phase End

September 1, 2021

Node Network End
Frequently asked Questions
You will find answers to the most common and frequently asked airdrop-related questions. We have tried to cover as many aspects as possible, but if you still have any questions that haven't been covered here, you can write to us at admin@bremit.io.You can also join us Telegram[bremit] and ask there. We will do our best to answer.

1. What is the BREMIT airdrop program? Why does BREMIT provide free tokens to everyone?

BREMIT has the plan to create a strong community before we launch our product. To encourage the early adopter to join our community, BREMIT has designed several airdrop programs with specific tasks. Users participating on such programs will be awarded with FREE token. This will help our project to get visibility, reach the target countries and build a strong community, which will eventually be helpful while launching products there. With this program, we will be able to create mass awareness of our project and wide adaptation of token and project.

2. How can I join BREMIT airdrop? Does it cost me anything?

We have tried to make it simple. To join the airdrop, you can simply signup using your email id and will automatically get the first free token. It will cost you 2 minutes of your time.

3. How much can I earn from BREMIT airdrop?

We have different airdrop programs for different timelines. Your earning will depend on your participation in such programs.

4. Where will I see my earnings from BREMIT airdrop?

To see your earnings and details of transactions, you have to login your dashboard and you can see details of everything.

5. What is a Referral Program?

Registered users can invite their friends and family to join this platform. So after signup both will get tokens.

6. Where can I see the details of referral earning ?

To see your referral earning, you have to login your dashboard and you can see the total reward from referral and details of referral.

7. What is the maximum token allocated for Airdrop?

We have allocated a total of 500,000,000 BRMT tokens for all the BRMT airdrop campaigns.

8. How much token do I earn from Signup?

You can earn 500 BRMT from signup in the first phase of the token.

9. How much token do I earn from referral?

You can earn 200 BRMT from one signup of your referral.

10. What is the maximum referral limit for one person?

There is no limit for referral, you can earn as much as you can. The Airdrop campaign will automatically stop if all tokens are distributed before the deadline.

11. Do I need to wait for the deadline to get the token?

No you don’t need to wait, you can see all your tokens on your dashboard in real time.

12. When do I get all the tokens from the dashboard to my binance smart chain?

You will receive after the campaign deadline, we may take a few days to verify and transfer at your address.